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"Cuenca is a marvelous city to enjoy and to consider for your future!" Tania Sarmiento

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We're Back!

Hotel Inca Real had a busy year so far in 2012.  We are happy to present our new web page.  Please visit us:

Among the highlights of the year, we celebrated our 20th anniversary of Hotel Inca Real's opening.  It was the first family home to become a hotel.  The hotel is indeed unique, because it keeps that "family" feel.  We have enjoyed long term relationships in Cuenca.  We are also proud to have with us, some of the same employees, who started with us in our first year as a hotel.

We also recognize Cuenca is fast becoming a noted city to many retirees and of tourist interests around the world, so in keeping with the times, we are in the process of updating our facilities.  We began with the renovation of Akelarre's restrooms.  Many have commented on the decor and new space available.  Please enjoy our photos below:


In Cuenca, July and August are the months families celebrate the graduation of their sons and daughters.  Akelarre Restaurant was privileged to be the place where many wanted to have their family gatherings.  Our restaurant offers a comfortable atmosphere with excellent food.

We are anticipating a greater inflow of people from many places around the world in the coming months.  Hotel Inca Real strives to offer excellence service.  Some of our staff speak English and French.  We are able to help those visiting Cuenca to have the information they need for an enjoyable and productive stay.

Las Marujitas, a theatrical trio of Ecuadorian ladies and also very famous, had a presentation in Cuenca.  And as usual, they stayed in Hotel Inca Real.  These ladies perform comedy and have become one of Cuenca's beloved highlights.

They are pictured below with my father, Segundo Sarmiento.  I think you can tell they are having a really good time!

Please stop by and say hello, or join us Akelarre's Restaurant for a relaxing meal or cup of coffee.  We looking forward to seeing you!

Until next time,